From the roaring twenties to the groovy seventies, Britain’s home interiors during each decade had a defining look that was followed by the masses. Each interior design trend was significantly influenced by external factors such as the technology of the time, political movements, musical revelations, healthcare discoveries, manufacturing inventions and much more.

This series of blogs looks back at some of the most iconic interior design trends spanning the 1920s to 2010s. Every decade was impacted by new discoveries, inventions, challenges, and conflicts transforming the way that we lived and weaving out new styles that complemented each point in time. To round things off, and in celebration of the Queen's Platinum Jubilee, we explore the interior styles from Queen Elizabeth II’s lifetime and how this influenced British culture or vice versa.

Here’s a quick snapshot of the interior design trends uncovered and key moments in British history:

The 1920s - Art Deco

A decorative decade where conservatism died, and dreams could begin inside and outside of the house.

The 1930s - Streamline Modern

A style inspired by industrial advancements to signify hope and optimism during tougher times.

The 1940s - Mid-Century Modern

A movement that reshaped society, reflected strength and practicality during and after the war.

The 1950s - Scandinavian and Retro

Two contradicting trends during this decade that both showed progressive thinking and change.

The 1960s - Space Age

Transformation across every industry spurred on this futuristic style that pushed boundaries.

The 1970s - Back to Nature

Tough times called for homes to provide comfort and joy, as little was found elsewhere.

The 1980s - Post-Modernism or Modern Retro

A decade with many political clashes of opinion, so the home interiors matched.

The 1990s - Minimalism

An era powered by new home technologies needed more comfortable living spaces.

The 2000s - Shabby Chic

The beginning of a more globally conscious homeowner were people showcased what they cared about.

The 2010s - Bespoke

Interior design found a new balance between several different worlds and viewpoints.

The Queen - Platinum Jubilee Royal

Royal is not a trend; it is a style embedded by tradition and history rather than current culture.

Throughout this journey, I have realised that trends will come and go, then evolve and come again. And sources for design inspiration can come from some uninspiring places, so who knows what the next big trend might be influenced by, perhaps it’s Covid? Mars? Or the Metaverse? Nonetheless, I hope that you enjoy travelling back through the decades with me and discover something new. I certainly did!