Whether you just closed on a dreamy piece of real estate or you’re looking to give your long-time home a quick makeover, changing up your window dressings is a great way to reach your goals. Blinds and curtains are a particularly effective way to elevate a bathroom remodel, without having to struggle with ripping out tile or spending a ton of money. 

With these bathroom window ideas, you’ll have your home looking its best in no time. Maybe your focus is on functional and practical bathroom blinds, or perhaps you prefer to take an aesthetic approach to your design with an eye on visual effects. Whatever the case, you’re sure to find design ideas that suit your fancy.

How To Choose Bathroom Blinds

Before we dive into bathroom ideas and design, it’s a good idea to go over the best types of blinds for bathrooms. These spaces are notorious for dampness, moisture and humidity — elements that can damage window treatments if you don’t select the right ones. Water can lead to mould growth if the blinds are made of moisture-absorbing fabrics like cotton. 

Water and humidity can also damage wooden blinds if they aren’t designed for wet spaces. Wood has tiny pores that suck up water and expand in humidity. As they dry out, the wood contracts, causing warping and bending of the blind slats. 

When it comes to bathroom window treatments, look for styles that are waterproof or water-resistant at a minimum. Fabric blinds such as roman blinds and roller blinds that are made of PVC and vinyl are great options. 

If you like the look of wooden blinds, go for aluminium ventian blinds or faux wood blinds — which are made of PVC — that give the look of a real wood finish. These offer the benefit of natural wood accents but aren’t susceptible to moisture like real wood.

In addition to moisture considerations, bathrooms also require a higher degree of privacy compared to other rooms like living rooms. That’s why many homeowners choose blackout blinds for bathrooms. If you prefer a dimout blind made of translucent fabrics, you may want to keep the voile blinds on frosted glass windows to boost privacy. You can also look into adding window film to create a privacy window that people can’t see through.

Bathroom Window Ideas

Whether you’re starting from scratch or simply looking for a way to breathe new life into your bathroom, these bathroom window ideas will get the job done. From vibrant fabric blinds in bright hues and bold prints to subtle and sweet drapes and hardy shutters, the options are only limited by your imagination. Try out some of our favourite bathroom window ideas to get your home looking like a showplace.

1. Add a Burst of Colour

One of the fastest ways to infuse style into a room is to update the colour scheme. A fabric blind in a bright hue like red, orange or turquoise can instantly infuse a new feeling into your bathroom. Match the blind colour to the colour of your bathroom towels, shower curtain or home decor for a cohesive look. You can also choose contrasting colours for an artsy vibe or opt for several tones in similar colour families for something contemporary.

2. Keep Things Minimal

On the other end of the spectrum, some people prefer to keep things sleek and simple with a minimalist design. Fabric blinds are another excellent way to achieve this look. Go for neutral hues that blend into the background. This allows your cabinetry or a stunning claw-footed tub to take center stage in a master bathroom. Roller blinds are trendy since they offer a sleek, sophisticated silhouette. 

Alternatively, you can use aluminium venetian blinds in white and black hues to create a modern, yet minimal design. Keep colours throughout the space to a minimum and stick to a neutral colour palette to pull off the look.

3. Opt for Shutters

Shutter blinds, also known as plantation shutters, are low maintenance and offer a striking look in any room, including bathrooms. These blinds are different from other window blinds in that they are fixed to a complete frame rather than just a headrail. This helps to frame windows, making them particularly useful on large windows in bathrooms. They may overwhelm small windows or make a small bathroom feel tight, so these are best used in bigger spaces.

Shutter blinds are also great for maximising privacy. You can keep the shutters closed completely when you don’t want anyone peering in or you can throw them open to let natural light shine through. For bathrooms, stick with PVC or aluminium shutters or look for wooden shutter blinds that are treated with lacquer or polyurethane to make them waterproof.

4. Fall in Love With Cafe Shutters

For romantic window coverings that are also incredibly practical, look no further than cafe shutters. These shutters are designed to cover only the bottom half of the window, adding a high degree of privacy while still allowing light into the room. They’re typically made of wood, PVC and other hardy materials so they won’t get damaged if they are splashed in the bathtub or shower. Another alternative is a cafe curtain, which is the same idea only it’s made of fabric rather than wood or metals.

5. Go for Roman Elegance

Want to create a guest or master bath space that’s romantic and indulgent? Roman blinds are a great way to nail the look. These blinds feature fabric that drapes in soft pleats when the blind is raised. They come in various patterns and colours, making it easy to match your other bathroom decor. Roman shades also delicately balance out bulky cabinetry, helping to add a softer, soothing atmosphere that’s perfect for unwinding after a long day. 

6. Add Dreamy Drapery

Flowing drapes offer a romantic and vintage look to a bathroom. Hang these drapes on a window that frames in your bathtub for a whimsical look. Go for soft colours in neutral hues like grey, beige and pastels for a sweet touch. If you want something a bit bolder when it comes to your bathroom window curtains, try geometric patterns or loud prints on draping for an eye-catching focal point. Remember to choose drapes that are made of water-resistant fabrics. If they get wet, open up a window to let them dry out to prevent mould growth.

7. Pump it Up With Punchy Patterns 

Nothing makes a statement quite like patterns and prints. If you want to elevate your interior design look, go for a patterned blind that commands attention. Geometric prints are perfect for modern designs while paisley fabric is better for vintage looks. You’ll also find a wide range of window coverings with prints featuring the planetary system and lovable animals for adding a touch of style to a child’s bathroom.

8. Relax With Natural Elements

Natural elements can complement rustic designs and cabin decor with ease. Look for faux wooden blinds if you want to bring in a touch of the forest or opt for fabric blinds with leaves, flowers and other natural motifs. You can also choose woven fabrics to add texture to a room or complement a boho-chic design. When it comes to colour palette, the options are extensive. Stick to greens, browns and yellows for a forest-inspired look or opt for blues if you’re going for something ocean-inspired.

9. Layer Looks

Have you fallen in love with more than one of these ideas and can’t choose? Lucky for you, layering is another style technique that can take your bathroom design to new heights. Layer delicate curtain panels with chunkier shutter blinds to maximize light and privacy control and also add depth and dimension to your design. You can also layer fabric blinds and add a valance for added drama or mix materials for durability and functionality.