Attention all window watchers and privacy haters! We have exciting news for you. After more than a year of research and development, it’s time to introduce our latest product - Peek-a-View Blinds.

Peek-a-View Blinds

These invisible blinds allow for complete transparency, so you can enjoy the view out your window, while people outside can enjoy the view looking in. Our innovative technology allows you to set the level of light shading, while providing dual visibility.

“We believe in making blinds transparent, so we thought why not go one step further and offer our customers fully transparent blinds.” - Ryan Pasco, Director at Make My Blinds

Peek-a-View Blinds are the perfect solution for those who want to be seen and admired from the outside, while in the comfort of their own home. With traditional blinds, you are forced to choose between regulating light in your room, and blocking the view for people outside. But with Peek-a-View Blinds, you can do both. Enjoy the benefits of a shaded room and a clear view of the outside world, safe in the knowledge that every passer-by can see you in all your glory.

We’ve been testing Peek-a-View blinds with some of our trusted customers, and so far the reviews have been glowing.

“I recently installed Peek-a-View Blinds and it has been liberating! It's like living in a fishbowl, but without the water or fish.” - Rebecca H, Bradford, UK

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