When you think of home decor, your first thought probably isn’t centered around your windows. Instead, you may think of furniture, paint colours, rugs, and art. However, window decorations are a key component of home design. In fact, window dressings can dramatically alter the look of any room. That’s why window blinds are among the best window decorations out there.

Here, we’ve put together a handy guide to the best window decorations. From blinds and curtains to decorative elements for holidays and all year long, you’ll find fun design ideas to take your home style to new heights.

Blinds and Curtains as Window Decorations

window decorations living room

When it comes to window decorations, blinds and curtains can quickly elevate your home. They add an instant pop of colour or style to any room without a lot of hassle. Plus, since they are larger decor pieces, they make a bigger impact than other window decorations. Read on to learn more about how window treatments can increase the style factor of your home.

Window Dressings

Window dressings add instant style and function to any window. They help to control light — either blocking it out completely or letting it filter into the room. They also add varying degrees of privacy and can even help keep your home warm in the frigid winter months.

There are several different types of blinds and curtains to choose from. They all come in various patterns and colours, making it easy to create the home design of your dreams. 

Fabric blinds — including roller blinds and roman blinds — help to soften a room and are easy to style. 

Roller blinds feature a large strip of fabric that rolls up onto a small headrail. These blinds are sleek and simple so they’re ideal for small spaces and modern homes. Roman blinds feature fabric pleats that delicately fold on top of each other as the blind is raised. They’re elegant and sophisticated, meaning they're perfect for both homes and offices.

There are also rigid blinds including wood blinds, vertical blinds and aluminium blinds. 

Venetian blinds are made of metals like aluminium. They’re durable, long-lasting and easy to clean. They’re also waterproof so they’re great in wet spaces like bathrooms and kitchens. They come in classic black and white designs as well as vibrant colours to add decor to your windows. 

Wooden blinds are the perfect way to add natural style to your home. These blinds come in dozens of finishes including oak, mahogany and pine. They complement cabin decor well and can add kerb appeal to your home. Look for real wood styles for a cosy cabin look or stick to faux wood styles in areas where the blinds may get wet.

Vertical blinds are another great way to decorate your windows. They feature long, tall slats that help bring your eye upwards. This makes your windows appear larger. Vertical blinds are particularly useful on sliding glass doors and conservatory windows as they don’t need to be adjusted to open the doors or windows. Again, these come in dozens of colours so you can easily optimise the look of your windows.

Window Ornaments

window ornaments

In terms of window decorations, blinds aren’t the only solution. There are also several window ornaments that can make your glazing more appealing. 

Here are some of our favourite window ornaments: 

— Stained glass: This colourful element helps brighten up your window glazing. You can pair your stained glass to match colours in your window blinds for a cohesive look. The stained glass will also reflect the sunlight, brightening up your home.

— Suncatchers: Suncatchers create a rainbow look that adds a pop of colour. They’re useful on windows where you’ve mounted neutral shades as they add a touch of colour without overwhelming the room.

— String lights or fairy lights: There’s nothing quite as magical as fairy lights. You can line the window frame with string lights and use adhesive clips to secure them in place. The lights will illuminate the frame, casting a shimmering glow on your window dressings. Choose warm white lights for a cosy look or opt for bright white lights for a modern take on the decor.

— Curtain lights: Want to make a big impact without spending a ton of money on home decor items? Curtain lights are the solution you’re looking for. These window decorations feature several vertical strands of light connected to one horizontal strand at the top. The lights hang straight down, creating a lighted curtain. Leave them straight or use decorative tiebacks to hold the lights to the side like a real fabric curtain.

— Greenery: A potted plant can instantly add design to your windows. Simply place the plant on the windowsill for an easy decor element. Make sure to protect the windowsill with a liner or plant saucer to prevent water damage if it’s a live plant.

— Vases and lanterns: Add fake flowers to a gorgeous porcelain vase or place a rustic lantern on the window ledge to add decor. Look for reclaimed wood pieces or rope accents if you want a rustic look. For something more modern, look for metallic accents or vases with crisp lines.

Holiday Window Decorations

Christmas decorations for window

Sometimes, having blinds isn’t enough. You may want to complement your seasonal window blinds with other home decorations and wall decorations to complete the look — particularly during the holidays. Here are some great ideas for window decorations you can use to celebrate the holiday season.

Christmas Window Decorations

Snowflakes, Christmas window stickers and Christmas lights can all be used to get your home in the spirit of the season. Stick snowflakes directly to the window glazing or hang glitter snowflakes from the curtain rod or blind headrail. These decor elements will dangle in front of the glazing, creating a look of magical snowfalls. Alternatively, you can hang Christmas wreaths in your windows for magical Christmas decor.

You can also create an Xmas window display by setting up a Christmas village or Christmas tree on a table in front of the window or on the windowsill. Use white felt, tinsel, a snow blanket or fake snow to line the surface area and create a white Christmas backdrop. Place a few ceramic village houses on the snow. You can add a cheerful snowman, some holiday window decals and Christmas ornaments like bulbs, tree ornaments and snow globes to complete the look.

Natural elements like pine cones and greenery — including boughs of holly — are also perfect for the holiday season. Plus, they complement wooden venetian blinds.

Halloween Window Decor

window decor halloween

Window decorations can also take your Halloween decor to the next level. You can hang wall art featuring creepy favourites like spiders and witches or cheerful designs like pumpkins and autumn leaves. Match the wall art by hanging drapes in seasonal colours like red, yellow and brown. Complete the look with a window hanging like dangling spiders, a DIY pumpkin garland or yarn pumpkins.