The world is still settling the time-old question of which direction to fit toilet paper, but has the public decided on roller blinds? Despite being a wild goose chase, this debate also crops up when installing blinds.

Another way to think about this question is whether the blind should roll forwards (front roll) or backwards (back roll).

The most popular option for toilet paper is a front roll, so you may be surprised to find out that with roller blinds, it's the opposite. Some of you might be cringing at the thought, even now.

Yep, surprisingly a back roll is most popular by far.

But before we start, it's worth saying there isn't a single correct answer. It depends on a lot of factors. Here are the topics we're going to cover:

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Putting aside stylistic preferences for just a moment, obstacles around your window can limit your choices.

Since back-roll sits closer to the window, it may hit handles or window trim depending on bracket placement. You can switch to a front roll, bringing the bottom bar forward by about 2 inches.

Whereas if you have decorations, plants or books on your window sill, you might find that a back roll avoids hitting those on the way down. You will also find that it's easier to access the control chains on the side.

If there are no obstructions around your window, a back roll is closer to the glass, making it slightly more thermally efficient.

Roller Blinds with Back Roll


Every fabric is different. This difference impacts your choice to go "over or under" with your roller blind.

For example, let's consider two of our roller blind fabrics:

These are identical fabrics, but the Amor range includes a blackout lining.

Burst, you can hang facing either way because both sides have the same texture. Whereas with Amor, you have two different textures. It's colour matched, but you might not like the smooth side visible at the top.

This problem becomes exacerbated if you own a blind with a white lining. A white roll sits at the top of your window, and hanging below might be a patterned or colourful fabric.

Before you change the direction to suit your preference, consider the differences between the front and back textures or colours.

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How To Switch

There are two ways to switch the direction of your roller blind.

The first and most straightforward solution is to take the roller blind out of the brackets, flip them around, and put them back in. But be warned, this also changes whether you see the front or back of the fabric.

We also have a second and more time-consuming solution. It would be best if you still took the roller blinds out of the brackets, but then you need to unroll the entire fabric. Once fully unrolled, carefully roll the blind again to your preferred style.

For electric roller blinds, you will also need to change the direction that the motor spins in the control guides.

Patterned Roller Blinds with Back Roll

Love All Your Options

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