How to Install Stick Fit Blinds

Stick, clip, admire! Get those gorgeous new stick fit blinds up in minutes, not hours, with our simple, step-by-step guide.​

How do Stick fit blinds work?

Stick fit blinds open and close with a pull-down handle, and for venetian stick fit blinds, you can tilt the slats using the control wand.​

How to Install Stick fit blinds - Step by step

  • Step 1

    Attach the adhesive strip

    Place the adhesive strip on the sides of the window and peel down the blue tape while pressing for maximum adhesion.

  • Step 2

    Install the blinds

    First remove the backing paper from the self-adhesive strips.

    Locate the slot on the back of the left and right side of the blind headrail and gently push onto the exposed, protruding part of the L shape bracket. Ensure the raised circle on the exposed bracket locates into the hole on the plastic headrail end cap. Repeat for the bottom rail. The cord tension can be adjusted using the small spring inside the bottom rail.

  • Step 3

    Operating your Stick Fit Blinds (Pleated/Honeycomb)

    To raise and lower the blinds simply pull up and down using the handle. The clever, fold away handle makes it ideal to use on bi-fold doors where it is important that the blind does not protrude further than the window frame.

    Operating your Stick Fit Blinds (Venetians)

    Attach the plastic wand by hooking the wand onto the tilt mechanism on the venetian blind. Twist the wand to open and close the slats.