When you think of country blinds, you may instantly envision wooden slats and shutters. But those aren’t the only options.

Whether you’re creating a modern farmhouse look or a country cottage aesthetic, there are hundreds of country-style blinds to meet the occasion. From woven fabrics that mimic the look of burlap to cosy cotton, fabric blinds are well-suited for creating various country designs.

Here, we’ll show you five of the best country-style blind ideas. You’ll learn how to use window treatments to create modern farmhouse and French country looks as well as rustic and country cottage designs.

The 5 Best Country Style Blinds

If you’re looking to create a country-style interior at your home, blinds are an easy way to tie the look together or elevate it to new heights. Country blinds come in various finishes and materials, making them suitable for every room in your home. Plus, there are various styles to choose from, whether you want to create a look that’s country music star glam or one that’s more like a cosy cottage or modern farmhouse. Here are some of our favourite country blinds and how you can use them in your interior.

1. Modern Farmhouse Interior

modern farmhouse kitchen blinds

Modern farmhouse design is at the top of a lot of DIY designer lists these days. It’s the perfect blend of casual rustic vibes and elegant silhouettes. To pull off modern farmhouse blinds and overall design aesthetic, stick to a neutral colour palette. Hues like beige, white and grey are all great bets. 

In addition to colours, this interior design style uses various fabrics and materials to create an elegant rustic look. You’ll want to incorporate things like reclaimed wood furniture, shiplap, board and batten accents and quaint additions like mason jars, burlap and string lights.

In terms of your window treatments, stick with fabric styles — like roller blinds and roman blinds — or wooden blinds. You can choose a neutral fabric blind to soften harder elements like large wood tables or wrought iron accents. Alternatively, you can go all-in with the country theme by mounting wooden blinds in dark finishes like Mahogany or Anthracite.

While real wood blinds are great for dry spaces like living rooms and bedrooms, it’s better to use waterproof alternatives in wet or humid areas like bathrooms and kitchens. Some great options include aluminium Venetian blinds or faux wood blinds. Both offer the look of real wood, but tougher construction so the blinds won’t warp if they get wet.

2. French Country Interior

french country blinds

Looking for something more classic and timeless when it comes to country blinds? The French country aesthetic is just the ticket. Like modern farmhouse design, this look is all about neutral colours and natural materials. What sets it apart is the addition of glamorous accents like extravagant lighting, metallic hints and classic art. It’s often described as fanciful and feminine, yet it also exudes a rustic air.

The look draws inspiration from homes in the Provence region of France known for its quintessential country charm. The region is home to lavender fields and green hills, which lend to the style’s heavy use of florals and nature-inspired patterns.

For French country-style blinds, look for floral window blinds. Our MissPrint Persia Piccalilli roman blind is a great option. It features cheery yellow dandelions on a muted background. The style adds an uplifting feel and pairs perfectly with French furniture and metallic table accents to create a French cottage aesthetic. 

Another option is our Robin N’ berries roller blind, which features natural motifs in warm red tones on a muted background. It’s ideal for creating a touch of whimsy that’s essential for a French cottage design. 

3. Shabby Chic Interior

chic window blinds

Shabby chic design is another classic country style aesthetic that is famous for its relaxed, effortless appeal. This design focuses on a lived-in look that mixes vintage and new items for a thrown-together but cohesive aesthetic. Worn furniture and chipped or faded paint are staples of this design. 

In terms of shabby chic country blinds, you’ll want to stick to comfy fabrics. Cotton and linen blinds are among the most popular as they add a casual and soft touch. You can even use floral prints or muted patterns to add depth. 

Striped blinds are especially well-suited for this interior design. Choose chunky stripes if you want to create a bold statement or replicate the look of traditional awnings that are often found on country homes. Alternatively, you can go for thin stripes to elongate windows and make small spaces feel larger. 

4. Rustic Farmhouse Interior

rustic country blinds

The rustic farmhouse is a quintessential country style. With antique elements and aged wood, it’s a sure-fire way to invoke visions of cosy mornings curled up by the fireplace. This interior design leans heavily on exposed beams and framing, reclaimed wood, cuddle-worthy fabrics and antique furniture. 

Complement antique window frames with country-style blinds to complete the look. Opt for soft fabric blinds in cotton or linen and stick to neutral palettes when possible. Roman blinds and pleated blinds are a great choice since the folded fabric adds a touch of casual sophistication. You can add a hint of colour with pastel hues or green and yellow tones. 

Don’t forget to grab window blinds for skylight windows too! Many rustic farmhouses and renovated cabins have skylights to draw in more light. By adding blinds to these windows, you can control the amount of light that enters your home. On our site, you’ll find Velux blinds as well as blinds for other skylights from Fakro and Dakstra that fit the rustic farmhouse aesthetic.

5. Country Cottage Interior

country cottage window coverings

Country cottage design, also known as homestead design, is all about incorporating antique elements. This aesthetic typically uses design pieces from the late 19th century. It's rugged and utilitarian with soft elements like quilts and braided rugs. 

There are several options when it comes to using country blinds to complement this interior design look. First, you can use plantation shutters to frame in your windows and add depth. Opt for shutters in grey, white or light brown finishes for a rustic look. Alternatively, you can use fabric blinds to soften the look. Woven blinds pair well with braided rugs that have a chunkier appearance. You can also use a cotton roman bind to add a hint of sophistication while maintaining the casual and relaxed appeal.

Find Exquisite Country Blinds for Your Cosy Spot

living room country blinds

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