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  1. Peek-a-View Blinds

    Introducing Invisible Blinds

    Something exciting is coming! We can’t wait to announce this one. Read More
  2. Kids Bedroom Ideas: 10 Blinds That Infuse Whimsy Into the Space

    Kids Bedroom Ideas: 10 Blinds That Infuse Whimsy Into the Space

    You don’t have to be a professional interior designer to create a dreamy look for your child’s bedroom. With this list of... Read More

  3. Window decorations

    Top Ideas for Expertly Designing Your Window Decorations

    When you think of home decor, your first thought probably isn’t centered around your windows. Instead, you may think of f... Read More

  4. Blinds and curtains together

    How to Use Blinds and Curtains Together for a Stunning Designer Look

    Installing window treatments in your home will breathe new life into any design. Window dressings can instantly change a... Read More

  5. Window coverings

    11 Window Coverings to Bring Your Interior Design Dreams to Life

    Whether your gorgeous flat needs a facelift or you just signed the lease on your dream office space, you need the perfect... Read More

  6. Home office design ideas

    Home Office Design Ideas: Top Window Blinds to Elevate a Space

    When it comes to home office ideas, most sites focus on furniture and decor. But they often forget to touch on key elements... Read More

  7. Velux blinds

    Velux Blinds: Different Types, Where to Buy and How to Style

    If you have a roof window, you know how important window coverings are. While skylights can brighten your home and make it... Read More

  8. Fitting velux blinds

    Fitting Velux Blinds: Handy Step-By-Step Guide for an Easy Installation

    If you have roof windows or skylights, you know how important having blinds can be. These windows are great at bringing in... Read More

  9. Country-style kitchen with blinds in window

    5 Best Country-Style Blinds: Ideas and Inspo for Interior Design

    When you think of country blinds, you may instantly envision wooden slats and shutters. But those aren’t the only options. W... Read More

  10. Modern home with contemporary blinds

    7 Contemporary Blinds to Turn Your Home Into a Showplace

    Window blinds are often the finishing touch to an intricately planned interior design. They tie room elements together, create... Read More

  11. Grey, pink and white bedroom colour ideas

    Bedroom Colour Ideas: 13 Colourful Designs to Brighten Your World

    Getting ready to design your bedroom, but feeling a bit intimidated by the colour options? We get it. There are thousands... Read More

  12. Modern home with window dressings

    6 Window Dressing Ideas for Every Room in Your House

    Looking for ways to update your home decor and add increased functionality to your space? While most people think of furniture... Read More


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