Customers often ask us whether all blinds or curtains in a house should match. So, in this article, we'll share our advice with you.

But first, it's essential to consider what you mean when asking if they all match. Are you referring to the colours? What about the type of design? Perhaps you mean the overall décor?

Because it's hard to know what is meant by the question, we'll cover each possible answer below.

Matching Colours

If you're asking whether all your blinds and curtains should match colour, you can answer yes, but only if that's what you prefer.

We recommend choosing achromatic colours, such as white, grey and black. These colours will match any colour room if you choose the right shade to match your paint. You can also pick versatile hues such as navy, brown khaki, and olive.

Colour matching will look great both inside and outside the home. But if you're feeling more adventurous, build a colour scheme for each room and find complementary colours. We offer white lining on many premium fabrics, so you can choose to add more personality to your rooms.


Feel free to use the same colour throughout your house. Many premium fabrics include a white backing, so they match from the outside.

Matching Types

There are many types of blinds available for your home, and the question we hear is whether they should match.

It's primarily a matter of taste, but we strongly recommend maintaining consistency inside each room at a minimum. You can combine vertical blinds and roller blinds, especially if you get the same fabric, but we wouldn't mix and match conflicting styles.

But we want to be crystal clear. It's one hundred percent okay to choose different styles when adding layers. Wooden blinds, Venetian blinds or shutters layered with curtains look fantastic inside and out. You can even pair up two fabrics, such as roman blinds with curtains!

Beyond that, you are free to choose different styles throughout your home. Remember that your home will look more cohesive if there's a single type of blind. You can still decide to split the front and back of your home or the ground and first floor.


Avoid having different styles for each window, aiming for a consistent look. You can layer styles and choose different types between front and back or the ground and first floor.

Matching Decor

Unless you want your house to look like a showroom, most homes stick to one or at most two decors throughout.

While buying curtains or blinds that match any interior design is possible, we recommend most people stick with a single theme. Nevertheless, if you've never cared much for being told what to do, you maverick, then you'll need to find creative ways to divide your home while maintaining a cohesive theme.

We recommend exploring this article about Maximalist design by House Beautiful and the people ditching plain rooms in exchange for more abundant and varied spaces.


Most people will find it easier to stick to a single interior décor, but don't let that put you off Maximalist design. It's growing in popularity and packs plenty of personality.

Love All Your Options

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