Minimalism is an ever popular home decor style. Focused on reducing clutter and creating a calm, tranquil space for you to relax. Here are 4 of our favourite minimalist living rooms that will leave you in awe!

@cottonandcombhome has embraced simplicity. The clear off white wall compliment the cream sofas very well, and the hints of light earthy colours help bring this room together. The room is nicely finished off with a touch of greenery via those potted plants, not to mention those white wooden venetian blinds.

@minimaliving has used some gorgeous brown tones to great effect here. The minimalist walls and curtains act as a backdrop and allow the tasteful furniture to take centre stage, and we love it.

@homewithrue has shown that you can use other colours than just white and cream in a minimalist living room, the light blue sofas take centre stage in this gorgeous space. The simplistic storage used is also important in reducing clutter and keeping to the minimal theme. 

@larissaxmar has showcased minimalism at its most minimalist. A crisp white sofa on a crisp white rug complimented by a simple coffee table. What more could you need, if you’re looking to really declutter and fully embrace a minimalist home, take notes!